Thousands of People are currently in IMMIGRATIOn DETENTION because they cannot afford bail.

With your help, we can get them out.


Undocumented immigrants are often taken away from their communities and held in jail while they wait for a resolution on their immigration case. In jail, they endure degrading conditions for weeks, months, or years. 

The Immigrant Bail Fund pays bond for immigrants who cannot afford it, so they can return to their neighborhoods, families, and jobs as they wait for trial. As a New Haven-based organization, we focus on immigrants who live in Connecticut. 


The typical immigration bond is

But each year about
1 in 5
immigrants who are eligible for release on bond will remain in jail because they cannot afford it.
of immigrants granted bond are found NOT to be legally deportable. Those without funds to pay a bond find this out only after a lengthy jail stay.

Detention Under Trump

See the full text of the executive orders here and here.

Trump has vowed to increase the number of immigrants jailed in detention facilities. His executive orders promise to:

  • "Allocate all legally available resources" to construct new detention centers, especially at the border;
  • End the policy called "catch and release," meaning that low-risk immigrants like women and children will now be detained until trial instead of released.
  • Coerce cities into turning more people over to detention and deportation by punishing "sanctuary jurisdictions" that refuse to comply with immigration enforcement actions.

Our work is more important now than ever before.